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Alaska red sea cucumber

About Alaska red sea cucumber

The Alaska red sea cucumber (Parastichopus californicus), also named giant red sea cucumber, is the only sea cucumber species harvested commercially in British Columbia. The commercial fishery is a limited entry fishery with 85 license eligibilities. The fishery commences in October and is scheduled for 8 weeks. Alaska red sea cucumber is widely recognized in the Chinese market for its stout muscle and high nutritional value. China is the largest market for sea cucumber, where the skins have been used for centuries as a medicinal food.

Alaska red sea cucumbers are harvested by divers through artificial diving and fishing methods, and are transported to the processing factory on the same day for ecological processing, including strict screening, cleaning of internal organs, cooking under constant temperature, and aseptic drying.The whole process is under strict supervision of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The quality and origin are guaranteed.

Industry History

The commercial fishery is a limited entry fishery with 85 license eligibilities.

Sea Cucumber Biology

It is mainly produced in the North American coastal areas off the eastern coast of the Pacific, and deep-sea cold water areas such as Vancouver and Washington.

Nutritive Value

Since ancient times, sea cucumbers have been consumed as an extremely valuable food or medicinal supplement.


Harvest-transportation-screening-cleaning-thermostatic cooking-Aseptic drying-packaging

Pure Source

The habitat has rare human activity all the year round with no industries around it.

Premium Quality

The entire process is strictly regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Prominent Function

The nutritional value and therapeutic use of sea cucumbers have been verified by a large number of scientific and medical studies.

Brand Guarantee

SEACOO has always been adhering to the selection of the freshest raw materials, the most secure and strict processing procedures in order to achieve the top guaranteed quality.

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