Nutritive Value

Anti-oxidation & Anti-aging

In 2010, during the Annual Meeting & Food Expo (Chicago, USA, 2010.07), scientists pointed out that the tissue of Canadian sea cucumber shows ACE activity and has excellent absorption capacity of free radical. Large accumulation of free radicals inside human bodies that cannot be metabolized account for accelerating aging.

Promote growth & Quick repair

Sea cucumber has a special ability. When it is in danger, it will spit out its own internal organs for the predator to “enjoy” and take the opportunity to escape. Sea cucumber will regenerate a complete set of internal organs after. This “regeneration” ability is extremely beneficial for postoperative patients. Eating sea cucumbers helps people recover faster. Experiments have shown that postoperative patients who take sea cucumbers recover more than 20 days earlier.

Improve male function & Skin care

The content of arginine in Canadian sea cucumber is much higher than that of other marine products. Arginine is an important component of male sperm cells and has a good tonic effect on males. Arginine is also a raw material for the synthesis of human collagen and can stimulate regeneration and repair of cells. Collagen has rich content of glycine and basic amino acids, which are the basis of haemopoiesis, nourishing blood and promoting calcium absorption. It has an irreplaceable effect on women’s beauty and skin care.

Preferred supplementary tonic during pregnancy

Canadian sea cucumber after dehydration contains about 15 grams of protein per 100 grams and 18 kinds of amino acids that human must have. It is very helpful for the normal development of fetus. Canadian sea cucumber also contains DHA, commonly known as “brain gold,” which is not only an essential substance for building normal immunity, but also an important nutrient for the development of brain nerve cells. Daily consumption of Canadian sea cucumbers by pregnant woman can provide sufficient ‘brain gold’ for the fetus, making the child’s nervous system healthily develop and truly make the child “not lose from the start”.

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