Canadian Sea Cucumber

SEACOO is a well-known North American brand of Canadian wild-caught dried sea cucumber owned by Right Source Group Limited. It leads the development of the sea cucumber industry along the east and west coasts of Canada.

Atlantic Sea Cucumber

Atlantic sea cucumbers are harvested by trawling. The fishing boat lands early the next morning after catching.The nutrients of Atlantic sea cucumber are presented in the most natural and ecologically pleasing way.

Alaska Red Sea Cucumber

Alaska red sea cucumbers are harvested by divers through artificial diving and fishing methods, and are transported to the processing factory on the same day for ecological processing. It is widely recognized in the Chinese market for its stout muscle and high nutritional value.

Bêche Sea Cucumber Supplement

Bêche provides a powerful dose of concentrated Sea Cucumber, which has long been recognized as a natural source of antioxidants and amino acids. It boosts your health With a daily dose of antioxidants.

Rehydration Method

Atlantic sea cucumber has a long growing period resulting in adequate nutrient accumulation, and a thick sea cucumber wall that is rich in nutrients.

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Alaska Red
Sea Cucumber

(Parastichopus Californicus)

The Alaska red sea cucumber, also named giant red sea cucumber, is the only sea cucumber species harvested commercially in British Columbia.


Sea Cucumber

(Cucumaria Frondosa)

Atlantic sea cucumber is harvested from the east coast of Canada and cover vast areas of the substrate at depths of less than 30 meters (100 ft).


Sea Cucumber Supplement

Tap into a natural source of antioxidants with Bêche, add the natural benefits of wild Canadian Sea Cucumber supplement to your own health regimen today.


Brand Strategy

Fully developed sales network covering North America and Asia; Case-specific service based on customers’ need


SEACOO adheres to the principle of local procurement and production. All of the fresh sea cucumbers are sent to processing plants immediately right after harvest to ensure the best quality and nutritional value. SEACOO dedicates to providing the world’s customers with the best quality dried sea cucumber products.

Seacoo Sea Cucumber

 Best thing we do. Only thing we focus.


Valuable Food Sea Cucumber

 Since ancient times, sea cucumbers have been consumed as an extremely valuable food or medicinal supplement.

Sea Cucumber: An Unusual Food With Health Benefits

While you may not be familiar with sea cucumbers, they’re considered a delicacy in many Asian cultures.

Rehydrate Method

Due to the short growing period, cultivated sea cucumbers have accumulation of nutrients, with the thin and hardly formed sea cucumber wall.

Traditional Chinese Food: Nourish Your Vital Substance

The sea cucumber nourishes the blood and is one of the most power source life in long-establition.





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